There are many good reasons to choose solar as part of an overall strategy of energy diversification and overhead cost reduction. What has been shown with the dramatic rise in solar installations in the US is that solar has become a proven and reliable technology. Energy savings are locked-in year over year as energy rates continue to climb. Solar is durable, able to perform over decades. In the big picture though, the most attractive reason may be that there is an option to partner with a company that can navigate all the equipment purchases, local building requirements and installation expertise to deliver on the promise of solar power. Deer Park Holdings can not only provide solar customized to your building requirements, but can also introduce financing choices customized to our client’s requirements. Purchasing solar systems is one choice – the savings are instant and the cost has never been more affordable. And now with our solar lease options, upfront costs can be zero – and ownership of the solar system and can be attained in as little as ten years.