Funding for commercial and residential solar projects has always been unnecessarily difficult through the normal banking channels. Even solar specific financiers are cumbersome, time consuming, and come with terms that are unattractive and make projects unattainable. Despite the industry’s spectacular growth, lenders are still in-the-dark on solar power’s investment value and solar finance companies seem intent on maximizing profits from clients who have little other recourse. Both entities also lack the front-line experience of the solar process and it shows in what they bring to the table.

Deer Park has done all the heavy lifting already – literally. From hoisting our first solar panel on a roof in the year 2009 to investments in over 18 MW of solar projects that are owned and managed by Deer Park, we have met all the engineering, regulatory and construction challenges and can offer from hard won experience, innovative and simple financing to get solar projects producing power rather than paperwork like many of our competitors.